Guy Solomon: Adding more Storage Space to your Finished Basement

Basements tend to be 'catch all' rooms that are used for storing items in. As such, one of the struggles many people have involves what to do with all that stuff once the basement is finished. The good news is that it is entirely possible to have the best of both worlds, and enjoy an attractive, finished basement that also contains ample storage. Here are a few ways you can add more storage to your basement without detracting from its appearance.

Space Beneath Stairs

The space beneath your stairs is often wasted, but can easily be put to good use. Consider adding custom shelves or framing this area in to create a closet. Depending on how big the space is, you may also turn it into a home office or craft area by adding a small table or desk with shelves on either side. You could even turn your stairs into pullout drawers that could then be used to hold office supplies, tools, or other small items.

Wall Beside Stairs

Make good use of the wall next to your stairs by adding rows of shelving to it. This would make the perfect spot for you to store canned goods or other pantry items. You could create a sort of open closet by placing hooks along this wall that could be used to hang coats or other clothing on. Install a row of cubbies underneath these hooks, and you have space for shoes and book bags as well. The wall could also be covered with pegboard and used to hold tools, cookware, or craft and hobby items.

Short Walls

If your basement has one or more short walls that protrude slightly from your other ones, this could be a bonus. Your wall could actually be hollowed out to create a built-in bookcase that could then be used to store a number of items. You could even build drawers into a small section of wall for storing clothes or other items that you'd rather have hidden away. Shelves could also be placed on the outside of the wall to hold storage containers full of Christmas ornaments or other holiday decorations.

Furniture as Storage

Even your basement furniture could be designed to double as storage. For example, you could create benches along one wall that contain storage space for toys underneath them. Children's bunk beds could contain drawers below, or be built slightly higher off the ground to provide room for a closet. There are even sofas and ottomans that have inconspicuous storage space that could be used to hold books, magazines, or even extra blankets. When decorating, choose coffee tables and end tables with shelves or drawers underneath instead of ones that contain only a tabletop.

Just because you are renovating your basement does not mean you have to give up valuable storage space. With a little imagination, you can find numerous ways to extend the amount of storage you have available, while also ensuring your newly-finished basement is attractive, useful, and functional.

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