What you need to remember while basement renovation

The experts from Remodeling magazine have calculated the cost of basement finishing and came up to the conclusion that you need to pay from 30% to 50% less to finish your basement than to create a new area of your house, the same size as your basement. Moreover they are sure that the majority of homeowners are getting the opportunity to return 75% of the spent amount using it in the right way.

Guy Solomon - an expert in basement renovation field and the owner of Penguin Basements LTD. is paying your attention to the most important things that you need to know before you have started your renovation project.

- Height of the Ceiling

Most of the homes today have one common feature: the ductwork is placed just under the main floor that makes it right on the basement ceiling. This is the main factor why in most basements the ceiling is so low. So here the homeowners are facing the problem to make their basement area more spacious, light and not cramped. In any case a professional would have the best answer for you and the best options like changing the ceiling level or working on the ducts location.

- Dampness and Moisture

When it comes to the basement renovation you need to know that the biggest problem you are going to face is moisture. Guy Solomon and his team know how to deal with moisture due to their experience and will answer you in one voice that fight with moisture is number-one thing to do. First of all the crew will totally inspect your basement and then will discuss the solutions and renovation ideas with the client explaining all the works and usage of moisture-resistant materials.

- Basement interior and layout

Here comes the most interesting part - the client needs to consider all their needs and come up to the decision about the space usage and interior. Here they need to select if they want to have a single room or a space of several bedrooms, zoned place or even a gym and place of rest. Then our professionals will advise to select the proper type of windows, doors and even walls materials. No matter how difficult your project is Guy Solomon is always ready to give a good advice.

- Private entry

If you are going to lease your basement - it is the best option to create the private entry. But anyway if your future basement is going to be an area for relax and fun, but not a laundry room it is a good idea to think about the stairs and make them look more stylish. The easiest way is to put the carpet or hardwood floor.

So before the basement renovation it is important to remember that there are some issues to pay attention to. Here Guy Solomon and the team of professionals are paying your attention to the most important ones that are difficult to deal. Be sure that you know what you can face, but with the help of professional team headed Guy Solomon you are able to make the most unusual dreams come true.