Professional Contractor Penguin Basements Gives Ideas to Homeowners

TORONTO, Canada – October 28, 2015 – Today the huge amount of Canadian homeowners are understanding the added value of turning their old basements into comfortable, livable spaces and the number of DIY projects is on the rise as well. However, some homeowners have gotten the idea that hiring a professional contractor is not a cheap pleasure, but hiring Penguin Basements may saved money and health from some point of view.

In most cases homeowners in Canada want to repair their basements without spending a huge sum of money into the process. According to Guy Solomon's words (owner of Penguin Basements) most of the potential customers are facing such an issue as deciding whether to hire a professional or to do everything by themselves. Unfortunately many homeowners often undervaluing time and efforts that you need to finish your basements on your own. And homeowners dive headfirst into projects with gusto, expecting to finish them within a matter of months, but unfortunately, with the lack of time and any unexpected issues with structure, these repair works end up taking years – if they ever get finished at all.

Also lets pay attention to the number of contractors in Canada that specialize in basement finishing. You will not find a lot! Only Solomon’s company - Penguin Basements focuses solely on underground spaces. If paying attention to statistics his crew of builders and home interior designers finishes around 200 basements every year and they receive rave testimonials in the process at powerful online wen-sites such as N49 and When we are talking about the whole process of the work with clients Penguin Basements is on the top! This company is not only taking into account all the wishes and desires of the customer, but gives a wonderful opportunity to view the project of your own basement via a special website!

Many homeowners attempt to finish their own basements to save money, and Penguin Basements understands this. Taking into account all the issues they offer a unique financing plans with payments that can fit any budget. In fact, there is an interesting review on N49 of one consumer: “they came to my house, asked me for my budget, and took care of the rest.” Many reviewers rave about the flexible financing options, as well.

Another important issue for homeowners is an option to create a space to live in that is made according to building code in their locales. Fortunately, Penguin Basements has a number of professional project managers and specialists who are able to understand all these codes and can obtain the permits for getting the job done on time. Here are included like entry and exit doors, waterproofing and even drainage all come into play when finishing a basement, and Penguin Basements knows how to deal with the most questions of any area.

About the Company: Penguin Basements is a leading Canadian basement finishing company that according to statistics builds more than 200 custom basement spaces each year. They offer their consumers a step-by-step process, real-time project updates, and a lifetime warranty. Many customers contact Penguin Basements if they want to create spaces for rent, basement apartments, additional bedrooms, recreational areas, “man caves”, home theatres, and more. Whether consumers need a simple repair or a full renovation, Penguin Basements can do the job for affordable price.