Winterizing Your Basement: All Pros and Cons

Summary: Penguin Basements, LTD, owned by Guy Solomon, is explaining all the nuances of important basement winterizing procedures to protect not only your comfort and wallet as well.

Canada is known for its severe colds during the winter season. Every winter the homeowners are facing drafts and are turning all powers to warm the home by all means. Unlike popular contractors Guy Solomon and his team are sure that the huge attention should be payed to the basement too, except main and upper floors.

Basement winterizing is important for many reasons. The biggest one is that basement is usually used as the space to store water heaters, furnaces, air ducts, hot water pipes and HVAC systems that provide the normal temperature in the whole house. When the temperature in your basement is lower it takes more energy to produce the necessary heat. Today the construction companies say that the reason of drafts on the above floor can be cold basement too. All these factors are just adding extra work to the heating system and you cannot save money here for sure. The second reason is the fact that basement can become the critical point for the heat loss.

Penguin Basements is one of the small number of contractors, who focuses solely on the basement of your home. According to the specialized approach Guy Solomon and his crew knows all the secrets of increasing energy efficiency of the whole house like complex expertise to end drafts through leaky windows or some insulation problems in your basement walls. He believes that one of the biggest mistakes that other companies are making – just insulation of basement ceiling or floor with fiberglass. This method is effective in the fight with drafts, only if there is no utility equipment, that needs additional care and insulation.

The first step to winterize your basement according to Guy Solomon's point of view is to make sure that you have replaced old wooden windows with the new ones of vinyl and with two panes of Low-E glass. The next thing is waterproof wall board that will be the best decision for HVAC equipment and pipes, it will prevent drafts and cold in the basement. Then it comes to the humidity checking, this factor is important to decrease and totally get rid of moisture, that can become a mold, mildew or even worse.

Here according to the niche specialization and complex approach Guy Solomon and his crew is ready to notice that drafts and colds are no longer a problem for your house. What's more you can safe your money too, because the heating equipment is not working so hard and that is why the energy bills now are lower. Every customer will be happy!

About the Company: Penguin Basements, LTD is a professional in basement remodelling field. With the vast experience Guy Solomon and his crew are making the basements more comfortable for life and are helping their clients turn their dreams into reality! Every Canadian house needs proper winterizing procedures for the coming cold winter!